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Feel Good TV Episode #42 – Nourish
Mon Nov 30, 2015
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Feel Good TV Ep#41 – Commando Steve
Wed Nov 11, 2015
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Feel Good TV Ep#40 Melbourne Fitness & Health Expo 2015 – PART 2
Fri May 22, 2015

Feel Good TV Ep #34 – Australian Fitness & Health Expo

In episode #34 of Feel Good TV Joey visits the Australian Fitness & Health Expo in Melbourne. This is the biggest fitness expo in the Southern Hemisphere featuring top fitness brands, fitness celebrities and live sporting events. In this episode of Feel Good TV, Joey chats with Australia’s most recognised Personal Trainer Michelle Bridges, The Healthy Chef Teresa Cutter, Australian Olympians Michael Klim and Lydia Lassila, USA Power Lifting World Record holder Ray Williams and Australian Rugby League/Melbourne Storm Player Billy Slater.

A breakdown of the episode:

0.03 Joey Toutounji is at the front of the Australian Fitness and Health Expo and introduces the event.

Michelle Bridges
0.53 Joey introduces Michelle Bridges.
1.27 Michelle talks about her plans for the expo.
2.10 Michelle talks about her book and people’s inspirational stories.
2.40 The number 1 step and first stepping stone for any program.
4.58 10 Fitness Questions. Which would you choose?

Teresa Cutter
6.25 Joey introduces Teresa Cutter
6.48 Teresa shares what inspired her to become a chef.
8.00 Teresa shares how she creates her recipes.
9.11 A healthy recipe to prepare in under 15minutes.

10.54 Powerlifting highlights
11.09 Joey introduces Ray Williams – USAPL
11.31 Ray shares his experiences with powerlifting.
11.58 What is your favourite exercise in powerlifting and why?
12.20 Australian Powerlifting Championships.
12.49 Ray Williams attempts the world record of squatting 410kg.
13.47 Post competition interview with Ray Williams.

Michael Klim

15.11 Joey introduces Michael Klim, Australian Swimming Olympian
15.39 Tips for upcoming swimmers.
16.36 Michael shares his career highlights.
18.15 Michael’s business Milk & Co.
19.01 What is the most popular Milk & Co product?

Lydia Lessila
20.14  Highlights
20.23 Joey introduces Lydia Lessila, Australian Winter Olympian.
20.40 Bronze medal experience at Sochi 2014.
21.26 How did you come up with the idea for the trick you did at the Olympics?
22.19 Ariel skiing training experiences.
22.54 Gold and Bronze Medals Experience.

Billy Slater
24.50 Joey introduces Billy Slater
25.14 Billy talks about when he first started football.
26.09 Tips for upcoming rugby league players.
26.32 Highlights of his career.
27.40 Yurbuds headphones.

28.47 Expo Highlights

Tune in to watch the interviews and see the highlights from this years expo.


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