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Feel Good TV Episode #42 – Nourish
Mon Nov 30, 2015
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Feel Good TV Ep#41 – Commando Steve
Wed Nov 11, 2015
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Feel Good TV Ep#40 Melbourne Fitness & Health Expo 2015 – PART 2
Fri May 22, 2015

Feel Good TV Ep #37 – Sally Matterson

In episode #37 of Feel Good TV Sally Matterson chats about her Extreme Shredder Online Program to help with weight loss and muscle tone.

Tune in to find out about the important components of the fitness program as well as a 4 exercise circuit working upper and lower body.

In this episode:
0.24 Joey introduces Sally Matterson
0.50 Sally shares her experience in the fitness industry
1.12 Fitness model/competing
1.43 What is the extreme shredder program?
2.11 Importance of circuit training
2.53 Video component of training
3.10 Who will the program benefit?
3.51 The components of the program
4.50 What food is important when working towards fat loss?
5.50 What makes the Extreme Shredder different?
6.57 What equipment will you need?
7.30 What workout can you do incorporating 4 exercises?
8.09 How to do a Reverse Pull Up?
9.08 Benefits of a Walking Lunge?
10.25 What is the secret to staying in shape?
10.44 Technique of how to do a bent over row
11.25 Technique for a quad squat
12.41 Why is it a 6 week program?
13.15 What support is there during the program?
14.20 Where do you find information about starting the program?

More information about Sally’s program

Thank you: 98 Riley St Gym




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