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Feel Good TV Episode #33 – Australian Institute Of Personal Trainers

In episode #33 of Feel Good TV, Joey Toutounji interviews the CEO of Australian Institute Of Personal Trainers (AIPT) Adam Jacobs. Adam discusses fitness education and the importance of continuing education as well as the future of the fitness industry.

In This Video:
0.12 Joey interviews Adam Jacobs, CEO of AIPT
0.40 What is AIPT?
1.29 Cert III & Cert IV in Fitness, how many hours involved in the course and how much practical experience is gained?
2.02 Practical – What gym do you go to for the practical experience?
2.47 Theory – The theory component of the course and what support is available when doing the course?
4.34 The educators at AIPT
5.14 Continued Education Courses (CEC)
6.49 What if you want to be a business owner?
8.34 The future of the fitness industry
9.50 Course Choices
11.22 Live your passion
11.55 Why would someone want to become a personal trainer?

If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer click on the link below or the picture to the right to enter your details to receive a free information pack and a phone call from a team member at AIPT:

Tune in to watch the episode and find out more about how you can become a personal trainer or the importance of continuing education as a personal trainer.


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