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Feel Good TV Episode #42 – Nourish
Mon Nov 30, 2015
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Feel Good TV Ep#41 – Commando Steve
Wed Nov 11, 2015
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Feel Good TV Ep#40 Melbourne Fitness & Health Expo 2015 – PART 2
Fri May 22, 2015

Richard Marc Toutounji

Richard Marc Toutounji
Executive Producer

Richard Toutounji is the Executive Producer of Feel Good TV and also makes some guest appearances as a Host on Feel Good TV .  His focus is on business growth for small to medium size businesses through online directories, marketing and business consulting specialising in the Health, Wellness and Travel industry.

Richard is a Marketing Strategist who has 12 years experience in starting, building and selling businesses.  Richard is an expert in finding ways for people in serviced based businesses generate more business.  Richard has extensive online and social marketing knowledge, through his work internationally and real life experience in marketing online businesses and products.

Richard will help you combine the power of using offline media such as TV to complement online marketing programs.  His online marketing strategy which was featured on many media streams including A Current Affair, Today Show and the 6pm news.  In 2011, Richard and his wife Joey were contestants  on the first ever Amazing Race in Australia.

He is based in Sydney where he founded one of Australia’s largest Corporate Wellness organizations Lifestyles Corporate Wellness which has many leading blue chip international organizations as its clients such as Toshiba, Virgin, Macquarie bank. He sold this company to focus on his current company Complete Online Marketing that provides Venture Technology to assist online websites such as Meet Your Network of websites and Richard assists organisations to establish a dominating online marketing strategy, you can follow his online business show called Getting Raw.



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